Drozdova Diana Sergeevna

Drozdova Diana Sergeevna

Drozdova Diana Sergeevna

Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor Department of Psychology.

In 2008 she graduated from the Slavic State Pedagogical University with a degree in Preschool Education and qualified as a teacher of pedagogy and psychology, a practical psychologist. Educational level - master.

In 2013 she defended her dissertation on "Individual features of archetypal symbolism (deep psychological aspect)" in the specialty 19.00.07 - pedagogical and age psychology.

Teaches disciplines: "Age psychology", "Modern theories of deep psychology", "Methodology and organization of psychological research", "Political psychology", "Psychology of advertising", "Psychology of mass behavior", "Acmeopsychology and psychotherapy of age crises", "Psychological assistance to groups" risk ".

Research interests: deep knowledge of the peculiarities of the individual uniqueness of the psyche.

Author of 36 scientific publications, of which 10 - in professional journals, 4 - in collective monographs, including international ones. 

He is the head of the student research and problem group "Individual features of personality formation".

From December 2020 to April 2021 she passed an international internship at the Katowice School of Technology (Katowice, Republic of Poland). Subject: «Innovations in education. Innovative technologies for teaching professional disciplines».

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