Non-formal education of GIIM applicants through cooperation with stakeholders

Non-formal education of GIIM applicants through cooperation with stakeholders

During November 2021, the initiative group of students of our institute took the opportunity to participate in the training program "Positive Parenting", offered by specialists of the Polish Humanitarian Action Office in Ukraine in partnership with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine. program coach Meshcheryakova O.

Positive parenting is a condition of interaction between parents and children, characterized by strong emotional attachment, willingness of parents to recognize and meet the needs of children: security, acceptance and care, a sense of autonomy and competence, spontaneity and play, freedom of expression and emotions. realistic boundaries, self-control and discipline.

The Positive Parenting training program reveals and develops in students, future parents, modern and useful parenting skills to support children in overcoming stress.

Thanks to the professional work of coach Meshcheryakova Olga, namely her activities, primarily to develop training skills in recognizing children's stress reactions and learning how to best respond to them, the participants gained knowledge of first aid, mastered the basics of development stress resistance of parents and their surrogates.

Students were very pleased with the result of the work, in addition, received certificates, useful manuals for specialists "Parenting without stress", nice bonuses and sweet gifts.

We truly thank Ms. Olga Meshcheryakova, a 2018 graduate of the Educational Program "Practical Psychology" at the Faculty of Social and Linguistic Communication GIIM, for cooperation in developing psychosocial skills of student youth of the institute.

Sergey Gladkikh