All-Ukrainian competition "Linguist"

All-Ukrainian competition "Linguist"

In the autumn of the 2021-2022 academic year, the All-Ukrainian English Language Competition "Movoznavets Autumn 2021" was launched, which aims to promote the study of English among students in Ukraine. The event was organized on the initiative of the Departments of German Philology and Pedagogy and Teaching Methods of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Languages of the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages of the State Higher Educational Institution "Donbass State Pedagogical University". The competition was held in 2 rounds, as a result of which the winners were awarded on December 27, 2021.

30,946 students from 1,237 educational institutions from all regions of Ukraine performed difficult tasks that required deep knowledge of English. The most active oblasts were Kyiv (4073), Donetsk (3042), Odesa (2459), Dnipropetrovsk (2292), Kherson (1901), Kharkiv (1739), Zaporizhia (1734), and Lviv (1443).

All students are worthy to be called winners, because they coped well with the tasks of the competition, showed their will to win and did everything possible to succeed. Scientific Lyceum №3 of Poltava City Council - 198 participants, Kherson Gymnasium №1 of Kherson City Council - 183 participants - became the most active educational institutions, which encouraged students to improve their speaking skills in English, increased their interest in learning it.

You can watch the video of awarding the winners of the competition on our website or on the website "Linguist" at the link:

Congratulations to the winners and sincere thanks to all educational institutions that joined the project! Horlivka inyaz - the path to success!

Sergey Gladkikh