Congratulations on the Epiphany

Congratulations on the Epiphany

Every year on January 19 the feast of Epiphany is celebrated.

For us, this holiday symbolizes purification from everything insincere and bad. From time immemorial, the Epiphany has been a source of bright joy for the Ukrainian people, purification of the soul, strengthening faith in the victory of good and hopes for a better future.

On this day, water becomes healing and gives people health and inspiration all year round, protects from disaster, fills with life-giving energy. It is a holiday of bright and new beginnings.

Dear teachers, staff and students!

Please accept my sincere congratulations and heartfelt wishes on the occasion of the Epiphany!

We sincerely wish that the water consecrated on this day protects from disaster, fills with life-giving energy.

May the Almighty sanctify your hearts with peace, happiness, joy, faith, hope and love.

Good health, long life, peace and prosperity, fulfillment of all plans!

Reconciliation for you and your families!

Vladislav Wanda