Directorate of Science and Innovation

Directorate of Science and Innovation

In February, Clarivate plans to hold a series of webinars in Ukrainian, which will address the Web of Science database, patent data available in the Derwent Innovation Index, open access and open science, the capabilities and functions of the Publons platform and identifier Orcid. The webinars will be conducted by Irina Tikhonkova, Clarivate Regional Solutions Consultant. According to the organizers, participants who register and listen to at least 90 % of the main time of the webinar will receive electronic certificates of participation. Participation in webinars is free. Participants need to register. Links for registration are contained in the program provided by the organizers. Please inform the staff of higher education and research institutions about the possibility of participating in webinars.

Webinar program for Ukrainian scientists to be held by Clarivate in February 2022

February 10, 16: 15–17: 15 (Kyiv time).

Topic: 20 years of the Budapest Open Access Initiative: How the publishing landscape has changed (Clarivate for Scientists series).

Description: Open access. Open science. Definitions, components, functions. Impact on publications. Open access and its types. Cost of publications. Influence on access and dissemination of knowledge. Analysis of open publications of Ukraine.

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February 23, 10: 15–11: 15 (Kyiv time).

Topic: Derwent Innovation Index: additional opportunities for research ("Research Smarter" series).

Description: Research activities of higher education and research institutions play a crucial role in the life cycle of innovation. Research results are reflected in publications and patents. In conducting standard research and trying to understand research trends, the scientific community often tends to rely solely on publication data, neglecting important patent data. The webinar will discuss patent data available on the Web of Science and other Clarivate resources.

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February 24, 10: 15–11: 15 (Kyiv time).

Topic: Identification of experts using the Web of Science database ("Research Smarter" series).

Description: The webinar will focus on how to analyze the achievements of scientists according to the Web of Science platform, in particular to get answers to questions about who are the leading experts in a particular field of research, where advanced research is concentrated in a particular region. researchers should look for opportunities for collaboration, etc. The capabilities and features of the Publons platform and the Orcid ID will also be discussed.

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Recordings of previous webinars in Ukrainian are available on the Youtube platform at the link:

In addition, scientists have the opportunity to register for webinars in English, the schedule of which is available at:

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