Valentine's Day celebration

Valentine's Day celebration

The last month of winter is coming to an end. Spring wind is blowing in the air, birds are singing, cats are purring, but angels of love came to our institute.

On the morning of February 14, when students came to the institute, students and teachers could not help but notice the wonderful romantic design of their Alma Mater. A thematic photo area was set up in the center of the hall, and the students were happily greeted by angels, who distributed cute "valentines" with wishes during the day and gave a good mood to all participants in the educational process. Angels visited the departments of the institute and greeted the deans of the faculties - on the faces of all gifted angels on this day appeared sweet grateful smiles.

We also had an online secret box at the institute, where anyone could write a valentine and find it on the Instagram page of the Student Parliament.

This exciting holiday came to us from the West, where it is celebrated every year. The whole world on February 14 confesses their love: lovers send each other tender cards called "valentines".

Although almost two thousand years have passed since Valentine's execution, words of love still live on…

"Love was not invented by us,

It is given to us by God,

And although love is different,

And there is only one real one "

Were you lucky to meet our angels on this day and get a heart from them?

Vladislav Wanda