Webinar on "Professional development of teachers, practical psychologists, managers and civil servants: INDIVIDUAL APPROACH TO EVERYONE!"

Webinar on "Professional development of teachers, practical psychologists, managers and civil servants: INDIVIDUAL APPROACH TO EVERYONE!"

On February 17, 2022, employees of the training and research center of modern technologies for the formation of professional competence of the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages of the State Higher Educational Institution "Donbas State Pedagogical University" (hereinafter - the Center) held a webinar on "Professional development of teachers, practical psychologists, managers and civil servants: INDIVIDUAL APPROACH TO EVERYONE!". Category of participants: teachers of general secondary education, management, practical psychologists and civil servants from all over the Donetsk region). The total number of people who took part in the online event was 100.

Sheredeka Halyna Volodymyrivna, villageHead of the Center, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of German Philology, focused on the organization of work within the Center, analyzing key aspects of training, taking into account the challenges of society, state requirements and needs of each individual.

During the webinar, the range of benefits for professional development on the basis of the Center was clearly identified. Including:

  • acquisition of modern knowledge, mastery of innovative skills and abilities;
  • availability of licensed programs;
  • writing a final qualifying work exclusively in the context of their specialty (implementation of the vector of teacher autonomy);
  • individual approach to each;

- advanced training with elements of internship (highly qualified scientific and pedagogical employees of the Institute, who are in the vortex of innovations, will cooperate with YOU);

- opportunity to join scientific work through the analysis of educational programs (skills in the development of "stakeholder");

Salahub Lyudmila Ivanivna, A leading specialist of the Center, a graduate student of Donetsk National University named after Vasyl Stus (Vinnytsia), focused the attention of online participants on the issues of professional development of teachers, managers, practical psychologists and civil servants through the prism of INDIVIDUAL APPROACH. A wide range of refresher courses for teachers of the humanities, practical psychologists and managers in the context of the following specialties are presented:

  • Ukrainian language and literature;
  • foreign languages (English, French, German, Spanish);
  • Russian language and literature;
  • history;
  • World Literature;
  • practical psychology.

The peculiarities of advanced training in special short-term programs for civil servants, heads of local state administrations, their first deputies and deputies, local government officials are highlighted. Contacts of the Center, the information content of which is accumulated on the Internet by vocations, are presented:

Mohylevska Anna Anatoliivna, Secretary-Printer of the Center, presented a wide range of educational services of the Center. Including:

  • foreign language courses for everyday communication (English, German, French, Spanish);
  • Czech language courses for beginners;
  • external independent evaluation (EIT) preparation courses;
  • courses in preparation for the unified entrance exam in a foreign language (EMI);
  • courses in preparation for the exam for the level of proficiency in the state language.

The webinar facilitated the exchange of views in the context of professional development of various categories of professionals, taking into account the modern realities of life.

We look forward to active cooperation with YOU!

With webinar materials "DIGEST COURSE", presentation, announcements, etc.) can be found by vocation: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HnsuQfS13Nln5DHdS5oyjXZtypU4Y2MZ?usp=sharing

Sergey Gladkikh