Spanish language day

The mention of the celebration of the Day of the Spanish Language in the walls of our institute certainly evokes many vivid memories of every student and teacher. Theatrical performances, loud concerts, traditional book exchanges are just a small part of what happens on this usually stormy day.

Times and conditions change, but the love of Spanish always remains in the heart. So, on Saturday, April 23, students of 2-3 courses, in spite of everything, held a traditional celebration of the Spanish Day and the online format did not hinder their creative aspirations. This time the event was dedicated to one of the most prominent Spanish writers, Miguel de Cervantes. His life and work have been on the lips of people for four centuries, but some are still shrouded in mystery. Our inquisitive students tried to solve some of them during a mini-conference, tested themselves in a quiz, revealed their creative beginnings through the theatrical excerpt from the novel "Don Quixote".

We are inspired by the Spanish language!

Vyacheslav Korolev