Do you think that learning is boring? Just not with us!

The educational process at the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages is interaction and co-creation, mutual exchange of thoughts and ideas, new discoveries. This is the process when the teacher and the student are on the same wave.

Today, during a binary lesson on methods of teaching Ukrainian language and methods of teaching Ukrainian literature in ZSSO, organized and conducted by Tatiana Radionova (Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Ukrainian Philology) and Olga Muratova (Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of Ukrainian Philology) , discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using online tools in lessons of Ukrainian language and literature in grades 5-9 ZZSO.

According to the State Standard of Basic Secondary Education, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 898 of September 30, 2020, one of the tasks of the language and literature education sector is the formation of students' information and communication competence. The concept of reforming the New Ukrainian School also lays down radically new approaches to the educational process and provides for the reorientation of teachers 'attention to the formation of students' competencies.

Applicants for higher education - future teachers of Ukrainian language and literature - demonstrated practical skills in working with such interactive services as Word Art, Canva, Wordwall, Genially, Kahoot, Pinterest, Rebus1.com, crossword generator and more.

We came to the conclusion that the use of materials created with the help of online educational tools in Ukrainian language and literature lessons provides unlimited opportunities for the introduction of cross-cutting content lines and helps to revive the learning process, enhance students' cognitive activity. And when the learning process becomes interesting, exciting, takes place in the form of games or online platforms, there will be no talk of uneducated youth.

Thank you for a warm and meaningful meeting!

Vyacheslav Korolev