On April 28, 2022, a working meeting of teachers of the German language section of the Department of German Philology of the Federal Republic of Germany on summarizing the results of a pilot project for the use in the educational process of the German language training complex "Menschen".

This project was launched in 2019-2020, when the library of GIIM DZVO "DDPU" received 24 textbooks in German "Menschen A.1.1." for first-year students as a gift from Oleg Skiba, a representative of the Bakhmut Diaspora in Germany. In 2020, the administration of GIIM SHEI "DDPU" allocated funds for the purchase of other textbooks in this complex: "Menschen A.2", "Menschen B.1" and "Menschen B.2". Currently, all first- and fourth-year students enrolled in our educational program are provided with this modern educational literature.

According to the initiator of the project, Art. Sharko AA These authentic textbooks are compiled in accordance with the European guidelines for language education and taking into account the latest principles of language didactics, they are actively used in the educational process of European and Ukrainian higher education institutions, including the Goethe Institute, Ukraine.

Off Biryukova IP noted that our students, who were forced to move temporarily to Germany due to the war, do not have difficulties in everyday communication, because they skillfully use the communication strategies mastered through these textbooks. In addition, they are familiar with the structure of the German language exam to obtain a certificate from the Goethe Institute, which is necessary for work and study in Germany.

Teachers of the German section of the Department of German Philology FRGM concluded the success of the pilot project on the use in the educational process of German language training complex "Menschen", they see its prospects in the use of educational complex "Menschen" in teaching German as a second foreign language in other educational programs our institute.

Ph.D., Assoc. Morozova LI,

Head of the German Language Section

Department of German Philology FRGM

Vladislav Wanda