Attention entrants!

Attention entrants!

In May, all entrants who have registered for the EIT must confirm their wish to take the national multi-subject test and indicate in which region they will be in July on their information pages:

You can enter the information page by the number and PIN code contained in the certificate of the external evaluation participant or received by you from the management of your educational institutions.

If you do not have this information yet, you will soon receive it in an SMS, which will be sent to your mobile phone number specified by you during registration.

There will also be a special hotline of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment from May 12 to 19, where you can find out the number and PIN code to access the information page.

WARNING!!! Those of you who did not register (ie did not generate a registration card) during February 1 - April 19, will be able to do so in June, when there will be an additional period of registration cards. Such entrants will be able to take part in an additional session of the ITC!

Also note that the duration of the BMT test has been extended to 120 minutes.

Follow the updated information on the website of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment: and on our website.

Vladislav Wanda