To the attention of students of non-psychological specialties !!!

To the attention of students of non-psychological specialties !!!

For all those who are interested in psychology and would like to study it more thoroughly, the Department of Psychology offers to enroll in a new academic year in parallel studies in the specialty "Psychology". You have the opportunity to enter the 2nd year of correspondence department, the contract form of study, and upon completion receive a diploma with the qualification of a practical psychologist. At the same time you pay a reduced 50 percent tuition fee!

We will offer you a wide variety of disciplines from different fields of psychology, both normative and elective. By mastering them, you will be able to expand your employment opportunities, work as a practical psychologist in various fields, help people solve their problems, better understand yourself and others. We promise that it will be interesting and useful!

Registration for the formation of the group will take place from July 1, 2022 by phone 066 982 35 50.

We look forward to seeing you all!

Vladislav Wanda