Happy Friends Day!

Happy Friends Day!

The tradition of celebrating Friends' Day originated in the United States in 1935. Over time, the holiday has become very popular, and today it is celebrated in many countries around the world. This holiday is unofficial, but very popular. Friends' Day is founded so that people, regardless of their life circumstances, remind their friends of how important they are to them and make them happy with their attention.

Friendship is a relationship between people based on trust, sincerity, mutual sympathy, common interests and hobbies. The most important thing in friendship is mutual assistance. A friend will never fail.

A true friend will never pay attention to his financial situation and will not flatter himself for his own benefit. That is why the concept of true friendship is so often confused with other relationships that arise between people: business or business, manipulative, usurping and others.

Depending on the nature of the friends are for a while or for life. Yes, emotional and open people tend to have many friends and acquaintances for a while, and calm and balanced people choose few friends, but for many years. The ability to make friends and appreciate friendships is instilled from childhood and is improved in adolescence. It's no secret that for every teenager, friendship is a vital vitamin that helps to be successful and interesting. It is at this age that young men and women learn to choose their friends correctly and to distinguish between friendship and love or friendship.

May your friendship be sincere, true and for life!

Vyacheslav Korolev