Greetings from Borislav

Greetings from Borislav

Eugene Verbytskyi, a student at our institute, group 209a, shares the story of his life during the war.

"It so happened that I had to leave my hometown and move to the city of Boryslav - the city of oilmen.

This Carpathian town was once a major industrial center of Western Ukraine. Today it is considered one of the most depressed settlements in the Lviv region. And yet, despite the gloomy severity of the exhausted Borislav, it is worth coming there, because he hides surprises for all tastes.

I had to visit the city park. The same park where there used to be 118 drilling rigs. Nowadays cranes also work here, and children play and people walk nearby. Everything, as in ordinary city parks, is a sculpture with a bear, a summer theater, half-ruined; old, still Soviet children's swings, but in quite decent condition, and one of the oldest monuments to Adam Mickiewicz, erected to the centenary of his birth. Behind the bust is a crane that pumps oil from day to day, making muffled lingering sounds. Those places where drilling rigs have been eliminated are now called cemeteries.

Today, the city bears little resemblance to a powerful industrial center. An ordinary Galician provincial town, a little sleepy from the heat, with its problems and its history, rich and famous. In addition to cranes, the powerful oil industry is reminiscent of the old ditches, which have remained in some places, and from time to time abysses are formed where oil is collected… It is interesting to travel around the city and discover new horizons. But the best city on earth is your home, to which you want to return as soon as possible. "

Vyacheslav Korolev