Dear entrants to the bachelor's level!

Dear entrants to the bachelor's level!

Those of you who were unable to register to participate in testing for the main and additional sessions will be able to do so during 12August 15 and take part in special session of the national multi-subject test (NMT).

For this you need:

12August 15 to create registration card, the form of which is automatically generated using the special service "Register" (, posted on the website of the UTSOYAO;

- to form a set of documents, containing a completed registration card, a copy of the passport, a copy of the document on complete general secondary education (if necessary, a medical opinion on the creation of special (special) conditions for passing an external independent assessment on form No. 086-3/o), and send it to the regional the center for evaluating the quality of education, the address of which is indicated in the control and information sheet formed together with the registration card, or to their e-mail address;

from August 24I will find out my login and password by entering data into a special service "Getting access to the Information page of the ZNO-2022/NMT-2022 participant" ( 

25August 30 – on the information page of the participant ( select a settlement for passing NMT;

5September 7to finally decide on the choice of settlement to pass NMT, indicate its name on the Information page;

until September 10 - get invitation with information about the location of the temporary examination center for passing the NMT, the date and time of the start of the test;

September 12-16 - take part in special session of the NMT.

Please note that entrants who, during the main or additional registration periods, created registration cards on the website of the Ukrainian Center and sent documents to the corresponding regional center, but for one reason or another could not confirm their participation in the NMT, are not re-registered, a from August 25 to 30 confirm their desire to take the test in a special session.

We wish everyone success!

Vladislav Wanda