Dear entrants to the master's level for the OP "Practical Psychology" at the GIIIM!

Dear entrants to the master's level for the OP "Practical Psychology" at the GIIIM!

We would like to inform you that entrants who were unable to register for the main MTNK session will be able to register on September 19 to participate in the special MTNK session scheduled for September 29 - October 3.

We remind you that the registration for participation in MTNK is carried out by the admission committee of one of the institutions of higher education chosen by the entrant, where the entrant wishes to participate in the competitive selection for studies to obtain a master's degree.

You can contact the admissions committee of the Institute of Higher Education and Research at the e-mail address, where scanned copies (photocopies) must be sent:

- a filled-in application form with the information necessary for the preparation of the examination sheet (the form is attached);

- an identity document;

– a taxpayer's registration card (except for persons who, due to their religious beliefs, refuse to receive a registration number of a taxpayer's registration card);

– a document on the degree of higher education obtained (educational and qualification level) (for persons who have completed their studies);

– certificates issued in the year of admission at the place of study, regarding the planned completion of studies and obtaining a diploma (if the data of the person are not entered in the EDEBO in cases permitted by law);

– a medical opinion in the form of primary accounting documentation 086-3/o (if necessary, special (special) conditions for passing MKT/MTNK should be created).

Phone consultations: 050 428 53 54.

We wish everyone success!

Vladislav Wanda