Regulations of April 24, 2019

Student Scientific Society (STS) Is a public organization that unites on a voluntary basis higher education seekers who actively participate in research work, members of student research groups of departments and problem groups.

SNT in its activities is guided by the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" (Articles 38, 41), the Charter of the State Higher Educational Institution "Donbass State Pedagogical University", the Regulations on the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages of the State Higher Educational Institution "Donbass State Pedagogical University".

The purpose of the SNT is to promote the activities of the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages to improve the quality of training and preserve scientific potential.

The objectives of the SNT are to involve young people in science and create conditions for its consolidation in this area, the formation of motivation for research and assistance in mastering higher education students scientific methods of knowledge, in-depth and creative learning; propaganda among applicants for higher education, from the earliest stages of higher education, various forms of scientific creativity, the development of interest in basic research; fostering a creative attitude to their profession through the involvement of higher education students in research activities; training of higher education students according to methods and means of independent solution of scientific and scientific-methodical problems; identification and involvement in purposeful research work of the most talented applicants for higher education in the research teams of the institute; selection and recommendation of the most promising applicants for higher education to research and teaching activities and continuing education in graduate school; cooperation with SNT of other universities in order to exchange experience in research and organization of research work; organizational and methodological work to improve the efficiency of student research groups and problem groups; organization and conduct of organizational and mass, including competitive events on research work of students (scientific seminars and conferences, competitions of scientific student works, reviews-competitions of course, diploma, educational and research works, discussion clubs, symposiums, schools of young researchers, etc.) of different levels; promoting the implementation and implementation in science and practice of the results of scientific creativity of higher education.