Monitoring of employment trajectories of graduates

Monitoring of employment trajectories of graduates

Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages

Donbass State Pedagogical University

Monitoring of employment trajectories of graduates

second educational master's level 2018 - 2019 p.


Secondary education (History. Psychology.)

1.                Until August 2019. place of work GIIM, history teacher. as of October 2019 researcher (works with historical documents in a state organization, but the name was not named)
2.                  As of October 2019. self-employed (freelancer) until September 2019 - history teacher at Druzhkivska Secondary School.
 Secondary education (History. Psychology.)  
1.                  Bakhmut Medical College, teacher of pharmacology
2.                 Toretsky ZZSO №16 history teacher
3.              History teacher at Bakhmut Secondary School №18
4.                  As of November 2019. is serving in the military
5.                  History teacher, Kyiv
6.                  History teacher. school. Kramatorsk
7.                  From March 2019 Teacher of psychology GIIM
8.                  Private company, sales representative

 Psychology (Practical Psychology)

1.                  Chairman of the NGO “Lifestyle. Harmony external-harmony internal ”
2.                  Private entrepreneur
3.                  Specialist in youth work in the Polish Humanitarian Action
4.                  Private entrepreneur / psychologist.
5.                  Ministry of Internal Affairs (police)

 Secondary education (Ukrainian language and literature) English language and literature

1. Bondarenko Svetlana Anatoliyivna  KZO Kolomiytsivska Secondary School, grades 1-3 (Dnipro region) teacher of Ukrainian
2.                 Zhivotova Anzhelika Andriivna Pidhirtsi Secondary School, grades 1-3, Kyiv region (English teacher)
3. Kravchenko Oksana Nikolaevna Unemployed (before the Ministry of Internal Affairs)
4. Kuvshinova Anastasia Vitalievna Private enterprise, sales manager
5. Litovchenko Olga Viktorivna from October 2018 to June 2019 GIIM laboratory assistant, from September 2019 Volia Internet provider, sales manager
6. Melchakova Maria Semenovna Public Sector, Secondary School (Ukrainian language teacher)
7. Noskova Natalia Vasylivna No information available (currently abroad)
8. Repkina Darina Leonidovna Private enterprise (IT company Intecracy group)


         According to the preliminary results of the monitoring, we see a positive trend of employment in public institutions among graduates - 40% of the respondents currently working in the public sector in their specialty. Given the current trends in career building among Ukrainian students and youth, we see that the educational programs that graduates studied are relevant and to some extent encourage them to work in the public sector.

          Graduates who work in private enterprises, public organizations, the public sector, but not in their specialty, said that the communication skills they acquired during their master's degree programs currently help them in their work.

Sergey Gladkikh