Faculty of Romance and Germanic Languages

Faculty of Romance and Germanic Languages

The Faculty of Romance and Germanic Languages was founded in 2014 in connection with the relocation of the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages to Bakhmut. The newly created unit includes departments of former faculties of English, French and German.

The roots of the FRGM are the roots of Injaz, the roots of the former separate faculties of English, French and German. Our graduates work on almost all continents. In accordance with the European recommendations for the development of language education, the Faculty of Romano-Germanic was one of the first in Ukraine to introduce a competency-based approach to the system of training future teachers of philology. For a long time, the faculty had a testing center for Cambridge English language tests of various levels of proficiency. Teachers of language departments of the faculty fruitfully cooperate with European universities and educational organizations, including the Goethe Institute, resulting in the replenishment of the library fund of the institute with authentic German textbooks and a variety of linguistic literature.

Students of the faculty take an active part in public life and leisure activities, annually organizing bright educational and entertainment events dedicated to all languages studied: English Week, Oktoberfest, Francophonie and Spanish Day. Freshmen have the opportunity to showcase their talents at the Freshman Debut. This year, university students launched a new tradition - Freshmen Week (Freshman Week). All students of the first year of study initiated the presentation of their specialties, creatively reproducing their own ideas about the future profession. Incredible script, amazing costumes, passionate dance numbers and remarkable acting talent of students of the Faculty of Romano-Germanic languages captivated the audience and immersed everyone in a multilingual environment, depicting the magical world of English, German, French and Spanish.

The change of name and location did not affect the educational priorities and principles of teachers and students. The cornerstone of education at the institute has always been and remains high standards of language pedagogical education, which graduates of the FRGM have confirmed their professional activities both in Ukraine and abroad. Our applicants are active in the scientific student space. They take part in scientific conferences of young scientists of different levels and competitions of scientific works in professional disciplines, where they win prizes.

Thanks to the grant support on the basis of Inyaz, the Forum of Student Self-Government was launched, within the framework of which various trainings take place, where participants acquire new skills and abilities. Speakers and experts help young people realize that each of them has unlimited potential, that we need to move forward boldly and open new horizons.

Traditionally active youth of the faculty participates in the Regional Forum of Leaders of Student Self-Government "Student's Rainbow" in the city of Svyatogorsk, where it always wins prizes.

The social and educational life of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic languages is taken care of by the dean's office, departments and the student council.


The following departments provide educational activities at the faculty: German philology; French and Spanish; foreign literature.

The Faculty of Romance and Germanic Languages trains applicants at the following educational levels:

 "Bachelor" - 014.02 Secondary education. Language and Literature (English and German / French / Spanish); 014.02 Secondary education. Language and literature (German and English); 014.02 Secondary education. Language and literature (French and English);

 "Master" - 035.041 Philology. German studies (English and a second foreign language): linguistics, literary studies, translation studies; 035.043 Philology. German studies (German and English): linguistics, literary studies, translation studies; 035.055 Philology. Romance Studies (French and English): Linguistics, Literary Studies, Translation Studies; 014.02 Secondary education. Linguistic and didactic strategies for learning English and a second language.

We can be found at: Bakhmut, st. Sadova, 78a, room 308