Czech language courses for beginners

The purpose of the courses: to develop communication skills by means of the Czech language to solve the simplest communicative tasks.

Form: remote.                                        

Occupation: group (up to 10 people).

Term: 4 months.

Target audience: citizens who want to learn the basics of communication in the Czech language, citizens who plan to further in-depth study of the Czech language, citizens who travel to the Czech Republic

Expectation: students will be able to express their thoughts in Czech in typical situations of everyday communication: acquaintance, location, family, vacation, shopping, etc.

Habits: reading light Czech texts, listening, writing.

Upon completion of the course, students receive a certificate in the case of all control tasks for at least 60 %.

Beginning training - as the staffing of groups.

Upon completion of the courses in the case of all control tasks at least 60 % students will receive certificate.

Contact for more information:

Bakhmut, street Vasily Pershin, 24, room 102


Vladislav Wanda