Source and historiographical aspects of local lore research

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Nobility in the Donbass in modern Ukrainian science


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Family charity in the south of Ukraine (second half of the XIX - beginning of the XX century.) Historiographical discourse

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History of everyday life and oral history: local accents

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History of the railway heritage of the region

Belitsky PV Prerequisites for construction and the first years of operation of railways in the general direction Rutchenkove-Pokrovsk 625.1 / 5: 930.85: 908

ВодолазськийО.О. Pre-revolutionary railway projects… 625.1 / 5: 930.85: 908

Kotsarenko VF 625./5:908:930.25 «1874/1878» «Second birth» of the railway…

Mineikis Yu.S. 656.21: 908 (477) Mykytivka branch…

Portnova E. 37.018.54: 908 Main stages…

Ruban M.Yu. 656.224: 908 (477) Preservation of railway heritage (

Rudenko TI 625.1: 930.85: 908 On the question of founding…

Tutova AP 625.1 (477) "XVIII / XIX" History of the railways of the Bakhmut region…

Platform of historical and literary discourse "Historical mission of Vasyl Stus"

Bilko DV     37.015-059.1 About…

Vlasova GO 82-059.1 Literary dynasty…

Petukhov DO 7.072.3: 908: 94 (100) «1939/1945» Influence of the Second World War (

Rooster VF 7-017.4: 82-1-059.1 Coloristics…

Piskun VO 321.64-059.1 Propaganda machine…

Romanko VI 82-1-059.1 "1917/1918" Early period of creativity ..

Stukanova Yu.R. 908 (477): 82-1-059.1 «1950/19

[75.041.5-055.2]: 069.7 (477.62) Attribution of a female portrait from the collection of the Gorlovka Art Museum

Shkuropat M.Yu. 821.111 (73): 91-024.63: 82-31: 791.61 Contemporary American Literature (

Sklyar IO 82.0 (477) The study of art. reception in the works of modern. ukr. literary critics

Semenova OV 37.091.64: 378.22-82.00 Study guide for masters