On December 8, 2021, the literary and artistic club and the library of the Institute restored the tradition of holding the event "Literary Wednesday". As part of this project, writers, poets, artists, photographers, as well as students of the Institute, students of Bakhmut schools came to the Institute's literary living room.

This time the program of the event was very rich and interesting. The resource center became a photo exhibition, a cinema hall, and a historical and literary museum. Photographer Andriy Parakhin presented his unusual photo view of the usual Donbass winter. The film about the famous Ukrainian photographer Marlen Matus was supplemented by interesting memories of the artist, because the writer Mykhailo Korotunov knew him personally. Recommendations for photographic work for students - members of the flight club - were timely and useful.

The head of the flight club Natalia Kovalska told the audience about the beginning of the literary movement in Ukraine, which originated here in Bakhmut. She acquainted the participants with the first literary magazines published in 1924, and expressed hope that the members of the summer club will continue the tradition of literary Bakhmut.

The name of the institute's flight club was agreed upon by a general decision. From now on we are a literary and artistic club LITER.

Andriy Parakhin gave a gift to the library of the Institute - books that will be useful in studying literature. As always, poems and stories were heard in the literary living room, discussions and ordinary human conversations were held about what was, is and will be.

For ten years in a row, World Poetry Day, established by the decision of the UNESCO General Conference, has been celebrated annually on March 21 in Ukraine. 
     The main purpose of the celebration is to promote the development of the poetic word, to encourage linguistic diversity and publishing, creating a positive image of poetry as a truly modern art, open to people. It is on this day that many countries around the world traditionally host literary evenings, festivals and presentations of new books.
     The comprehensive language of poetry was and remains the most important part of modern art, because the word, dictated by the heart, touches the deepest human feelings. Poetry conveys a person's inner desire to live in harmony with the world around him, helps to share the most intimate thoughts, to express their civic position. This year's Poetry Day is held in Ukraine under the omophorion of Shevchenko's genius word.

       Poems of genius Ukrainian classics, as well as the participants' own works were presented at the regular meeting of the literary and artistic studio "Literary Wednesday".



On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages, the Department of Psychology of the FSMC joined the long-term action "Give a book to the library."
The library staff is sincerely grateful to all who took an active part in the action.
We emphasize - the action continues!



On February 6, the library of the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages resumed the work of the Bakhmut branch of the International Academy of Literature and Journalism under the constant leadership of Natalia Valeryevna Kowalska. After meeting after a long break, the novice authors shared their new creative achievements and selected works for publication on the pages of the literary and artistic publication "Constellation". 

Every third Wednesday of the month, a meeting of the literary and artistic studio "Literary Wednesday" is held in the library of the GIIM of the State Pedagogical University. The winter day brought together for a creative meeting all those who are not indifferent to the Word, its meaning and power.

Dear students, teachers, staff!

From ancient times the book is a treasure trove of spiritual wealth that combines past, present and future. Monuments of human thought have been accumulating in the library for many centuries.

On the occasion of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the institute, the GIIM Library invites everyone to take part in the charity event "Give a book to the library."

Don't throw the book in the trash!

Give it to the library,

Because a book is a treasure, it is for you

Thoughts and expressions flower garden…

If y inOur home library has textbooks, reference books, art and scientific literature, books in foreign languages,  which inand do not use, they canon nto bestow the librarythesewhere they will find their reader. The publications you donated will be ina huge contribution in replenishment  library fund.

We are grateful to those readers who have already donated their books to the library, and we will be grateful to all those who will take part in the above action.


On November 28, 2018, a meeting "Literary Wednesday" was held in the library of the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages of the State Pedagogical University, where a collection of works by GIIM and Bakhmut artists was presented in a warm atmosphere. The present authors read their own works and received a copy of the Almanac "Literary Environment - 2018".