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Tatiana Tkachenko

GIIM graduate of 2018. She studied in the educational-professional program PRACTICAL PSYCHOLOGY.

Studying at InYaz inspired me and provided opportunities to help children, spouses, teenagers and adults achieve mutual understanding and harmony in life. I have my own office and run a private psychological practice in Bakhmut.

My entry into GIIM was conscious and desirable. All dreams and expectations have come true: I am developing my business, moving forward in the direction of professional development. I am sincerely grateful to Horlivka InYaz for helping me to take the first steps on the exciting path of practical psychology!

Tatiana Lysenko

A graduate of 2000, Faculty of Slavic and Germanic Languages, specialty "English Language and Literature, Ukrainian Language and Literature"

I work as a methodologist in foreign philology of the district scientific-methodical center of the education department of Podilska district in the city of Kyiv of the state administration. At the same time he is a teacher of English at the gymnasium № 34 "Lybid" named after Viktor Maksymenko (Kyiv). I am proud of my students - winners of Olympiads, participants in international exchange programs "Flax" - with whom we often travel to the UK and the United States.

I am currently an active participant in educational pilot projects: 1. Educational pilot project with the international American organization TEA. In the framework of international cooperation, exchange of experience and to promote the study of English. 2. Summer educational project with NUHT and the International American Organization TEA. I sincerely thank my native Alma mater for the acquired knowledge of two languages, practical experience and professional skills acquired in teaching from highly qualified teachers! And also for meeting new friends and the best student years!

Irina Maksimovich

GIIM graduate in 2014, specialty "English, Russian and foreign literature".

For 7 years I have been working as an English teacher in the private center for learning foreign languages "Leader" (Druzhkivka, Donetsk region). In the 2019 school year, about ten of my students have prepared and successfully passed the YLE and PET international exams, which I am very proud of! She successfully passed the international TKT exam in 2018.

I have passed a lot of educational courses for English teachers, I try to constantly develop! And already in September 2020 I opened my own center of personal development "maxI center", where I personally teach English for all ages. Currently, I teach in person at my center, but there are many goals and ideas, plans and wishes! So, soon we will grow and our center will be big! It only takes a little time! I am proud and happy with my profession! I am always grateful to all teachers for their knowledge and love for the profession!

Olga Bridges

In 2008 she graduated from GIIM, majoring in English Language and Literature, Ukrainian Language and Literature.

Studying at the institute fulfilled my wish - to live and work abroad! With a perfect knowledge of English and native languages, this desire was realized very quickly! I currently live in Greenville, South Carolina, where I work as a realtor for the Ponce Realty Group.

And although life has turned me so far away from my mother Ukraine, with warmth in my heart and a smile on my face I remember new acquaintances, friends, lectures, sessions, close-knit vacation, unforgettable teachers, missed couples and funny stories. In short, everything that gives inspiration and strength for great life achievements! Thank you, dear Institute!

Ruslan Fedorenko

In 2015 he graduated from GIIM, majoring in English and Foreign Literature.

I am currently working as an English tutor online.
Knowledge of English opened new perspectives and opportunities for me - a favorite thing, a decent income, traveling the world…
Acquired professional skills of pedagogical and psychological interaction help to achieve maximum success in communicating with different people, especially in teaching.

I remember with pleasure the years of study: highly qualified teachers who are friendly to students, a decent level of knowledge, modern classrooms equipped with the latest equipment.
Thank you, dear teachers, for your patience and understanding! For unsurpassed inspiration in this crazy quest for new knowledge!

Leh Shakhverdiyeva

A graduate of 2018. She studied at GIIM, majoring in 053 Psychology.

I first entered the Horlivka Institute in 1999 at the Faculty of Foreign and Ukrainian Languages (specialty German, Ukrainian language and literature). After graduation, following family traditions, she got a job in the Ministry of Internal Affairs by profession - a criminal police operative for juvenile affairs. The pedagogical skills acquired during the training were very helpful in the work when it was necessary to find an approach to children who found themselves in difficult life circumstances, to work with homeless minors.

In 2018, she entered GIIM for the second time, but already in the educational and professional program "Practical Psychology". Today, working as a senior investigator in the inquiry sector of the Bakhmut District Police Department, I have to communicate more often with people of different social standards. The skills of a practical psychologist help me in conducting a pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings, when it is necessary to make a psychological portrait of the offender, build the course of the interrogation and find an individual approach to complex people who hardly come into contact.
I want to thank all the teachers for the professional knowledge and professional competencies I received. I advise everyone who decides where to get a higher education to join GIIM!

Valery Zhuk

Graduate of 2020 OPP Secondary Education (History). Psychology"

Having 25 years of service in the Armed Forces after graduating from military high school, I suddenly came to the realization of the need to obtain higher education, at the age of 57 - I could not sit at home when the fighting near your hometown, and you half he gave his life to learn and teach to defend his homeland. The position of chief foreman of the mechanized brigade included a specialist with higher education. Why did I choose to become a psychologist? Because psychology gives many answers to the questions that life poses to us, and especially in extreme situations of hostilities.

Of course, in addition to educational material, in our institute I independently mastered modern military psychology, which gave its positive consequences. I graduated from the bachelor's degree when I reached the age limit for military service. I entered the master's program as a civilian. It is never too late to learn. Before receiving a diploma of the second level of higher education, I was invited to work as a psychologist in the department of moral and psychological support of the military unit, where I previously served. I use the practical skills acquired at the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages in practice in my daily work. I am very grateful to the teachers, associate professors and professors of the school, for their demanding, perfect teaching of educational material and their dedicated work (especially the departments of psychology and domestic and foreign history). I invite you to join our institute and receive a quality and modern education!


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