Step-by-step algorithm for admission to master's degree in specialty 053 Psychology

Step-by-step algorithm for admission to master's degree in specialty 053 Psychology

Dear future undergraduates! The admission campaign for the master's degree in 2022 consists of several stages, each of which has the following deadlines:

  • of 900 June 27 to 1800 July 18 - registration for the master's test of educational competence. To do this, consult the admissions committee of the institute by phone 050 428 53 54 and send to the post office scan copies of the following documents:
    • filled application-questionnaires with the information necessary for registration of the examination sheet;
    • identity document;
    • taxpayer's account card (except for persons who, due to their religious beliefs, refuse to receive the registration number of the taxpayer's account card);
    • a certificate issued at the place of study on the planned completion of studies and obtaining a diploma in the year of entry (if these persons have not yet contributed to EDEBO);
    • a document on the degree of higher education (educational and qualification level) (for persons who have completed their studies in previous years);
    • medical opinion in the form of primary accounting documentation 086-3 / о (in case of need to create special (special) conditions for the ICC / MTNK);
  • receiving a scanned copy of the examination certificate and registration card from the admissions committee;
  • gaining access to the Entrant's Cabinet ( by the number and PIN-code of the examination sheet, in which by August 3 will be placed an invitation-pass with the address of the temporary examination center for the master's test of academic competence, date and time of its preparation;

from 01 August - contact the Admissions Committee of the Institute for registration of the electronic office for admission and consultations on further actions in the office (by phone 050 428 53 54).

We are preparing a cover letter (description and requirements - see Annex 7 of the Rules of Admission to GIIM in 2022).

Submission of applications and necessary documents for admission

on a budget

on contract

with 16 August

  • to 23 August (until 1800 ) - for those who enter on the basis of an individual oral interview;
  • to 15 September (until 1800) - for those who enter on the basis of the results of MTNK);

from August 29

until September 24 (until September 16)00);

Participation in the main session of the master's test of educational competence (according to the data in the invitation-pass)

with 10 on 17 August

Obtaining the results of MTNK on the information page "Candidate's Office"

with 25 to 31 August

with 26 on 30 September

Publication of the ranking list of entrants

to 20 September

to 3 October

Submission of original documents for enrollment

to 24 September (until 1800)

to 7 October (until 1800)

Vladislav Wanda