Each in its place: current research by literary critics

Each in its place: current research by literary critics

It is nice to note that the peer-reviewed openometric scientometric journal Postmodern Openings indexes the results of research by our literary critics. The publication aims to promote academic achievements in the social sciences and humanities in relation to postmodernism and postmodernism in the context of globalization. The works of our scientists correlate with the implementation of the interdepartmental scientific theme "Research of world literature in historical-cultural, socio-political, interdisciplinary and intermedia perspectives as a basis for forming the worldview of the world of students of philology", headed by Doctor of Philology, Professor SA Комаров.

Article "Man, poetry and nature in the works of A.Yu. Crimean: the relevance of postmodern communications "in the publication" Postmodern Openings "belongs to the candidate of philological sciences, associate professor I.O. Sklyar co-authored with fellow literary critics from other educational institutions of Ukraine. The peculiarities of poetic reflection in the work of A. Krymsky in relation to "man-nature" are analyzed in the work. Coverage of this problem in the context of postmodern philosophical discourse requires appropriate integration into national and cultural experience. A. Krymsky reveals deep feelings of Ukrainian man's connections with the natural world, the author seeks to "write" laws according to which man is worthy of his purpose of being in nature, "has the right" to love by vocation of his beliefs, needs and inclinations. Human dignity lies in the awakening and strengthening of an independent, responsible, formed on the way to enrich the inner life of the spiritual personality. And this is the highest value in the interpretation of the work of A. Crimean.

Another work by Iryna Oleksandrivna in collaboration with fellow scientists "The Influence of Modern Culture and Art on the Development of Gender Identity" is indexed in the scientometric publication "Ad alta-journal of interdisciplinary research". This study establishes the main directions of development of gender identity as a cultural and artistic phenomenon in contemporary Ukrainian literary works; reveals the main dominant transformations of gender identities represented in artistic images. The main hypothesis in the work is the statement that in postmodern thinking the subject is reduced to the image, so the image becomes an important form of gender identity, gradually transforming it into the requirements of society and social ideology.

In the article "Postmodern tendencies in Russian poetry of the" silver age "a team of authors, including Ph.D., Associate Professor of World Literature OV Gorlov, for the first time analyzed some aspects of n poetry of the "silver age" in terms of identifying features characteristic of the postmodern creative paradigm. The authors of the article prove the hypothesis that arises in them during the preliminary perceptual reading of the works of poets of the "silver age": in the early twentieth century. in the works of individual authors one can observe irony, play, reconstruction and performance as signs of postmodern creative thinking. The international significance of the work lies in the fact that the material of one of the Eastern European literatures first proved the existence of postmodern features in the first half of the twentieth century, which can serve as a deeper study in the field of literary typology, culturology and anthropology.

Vladislav Wanda