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The Directorate of the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages of Donbass State Pedagogical University sincerely thanks the guests, students, research and teaching staff and staff for participating in the action "INYAZ gathers friends"which took place January 18, 2017 with the support of the Ukrainian Public Trust Initiative, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). We are convinced that well-equipped resource centers of foreign languages and humanities, the most modern multimedia classroom, a hall for scientific and methodological activities will significantly affect the efficiency of the educational process. 

In the near future GIIM plans to open the library of the university. We are confident in the further successful development of our institute and its fruitful activity in the educational field of Bakhmut, Donbass and Ukraine! 

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November 14-15, 2016, on the eve of the International Student Day, the Forum of Leaders of Student Self-Government, organized with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), was held on the basis of the Gorlovka Institute of Foreign Languages of Donbass State Pedagogical University. Involving student youth in active social activities by sharing experiences with the leaders of student self-government of Ukraine is a matter of time. That is why the Forum was attended by representatives of all higher education institutions in Bakhmut, as well as guests of GIIM: Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv), Kharkiv National University of Economics, Luhansk National Agrarian University (Kharkiv), Donbas State Academy of Mechanical Engineering Kramatorsk), East Ukrainian National University. V. Dahl (Severodonetsk), Mariupol State University, Donetsk National Technical University (Pokrovsk), Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Kramatorsk), Donetsk National Medical University. M. Gorky (Kramatorsk), Donbas Institute of Technology and Management of the International Scientific and Technical University. Academician Yuri Bugay (Kramatorsk), Educational and Scientific Professional and Pedagogical Institute of the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy (Bakhmut), Artemivsk College of Transport Infrastructure (Bakhmut), Donetsk Higher School of the Olympic Reserve. Serhiy Bubka (Bakhmut), Donetsk University of Economics and Law (Bakhmut). The program of the Forum was rich and interesting. At the first meeting, members of the Student Council of the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages congratulated the leaders of self-government of Ukrainian universities, shared their experience in organizing student groups. University delegates presented information on the most resonant public events of 2016. The round table discussed problematic issues and prospects for the development of student government. As part of the Forum, debate trainings, leadership trainings and a forum-theater were held, as well as the action "Youth is leadership". The main result of the two-day work was the signing of a resolution in which the Forum participants stressed the importance and necessity of such events for the development of student government in Ukraine. A meaningful tour of ancient Bakhmut and a visit to the Artemivsk Champagne Factory left pleasant and unforgettable impressions in the memory of each delegate. We hope that such meetings will become traditional, because only by joint efforts active and caring young people will be able to influence the solution of urgent problems of Ukrainian students. On November 1, Career English Online opened a business English language course for migrants at the Center for the Development of Philology. The program is administered and funded by the Press, Education and Culture Department of the US Embassy in Ukraine, in partnership with the Ami-Vostok NGO in Luhansk, which has resumed operations in Kyiv and is addressing the problems of IDPs. A group was elected in Artemivskand of twenty people on the basis of an open competition, according to test results. At the grand opening, the head of the "Center for the Development of Philology", Acting Director of the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages Belitska EM She sincerely congratulated the participants on receiving this unique opportunity and stressed the symbolism of the moment that migrants will receive knowledge with the support of the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages, which is itself a migrant and better understands the problems and motivations of participants. The coordinator of the project in Artemivsk, Shkuropat M.Yu., reminded the participants about the responsibility of each of the elected representatives, because for them it is a completely free course, and the only conditions for its successful completion are the desire to spend at least an hour a day online. and the Internet. Our student volunteers will overcome the complexities of English grammar and practice participants in various types of speaking activities. We wish everyone success and inspiration!