Career Development Center

Career Development Center

Thanks to the project "Success is born here: career centers of Donbass universities", which is implemented by the Czech non-governmental humanitarian organization "People in Need" and implemented under the project "Strengthening Public Confidence" (UCBI II), funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) ), our institute has the opportunity to open a Career Development Center.
The GIIM Career Development Center was established to promote the employment of students and graduates in order to achieve their career goals. 

Areas of activity of the center:

  • increasing the competitiveness of students and graduates in the labor market
  • conducting thematic events and individual consultations to promote success
  • job search by students and graduates
  • development and establishment of relations of the institute with potential employers
  • organization of interviews of employers with students and graduates
  • increasing the motivation of talented young people and preventing them from going to work abroad en masse
  • providing information on current vacancies, internships, etc.
  • conducting individual consultations on job search strategy, preparation of a professional resume
  • organization of information and advertising work aimed at announcing events held at the city and institute levels in the field of employment
  • organization and holding of forums, career days, seminars, company presentations, trainings, round tables and workshops
  • posting information about vacancies on the internal resources of the institute
  • formation of a database of graduates
  • collecting information on the career path of graduates
  • tracking the employment trajectory of graduates


Bakhmut, street Vasyl Pershyna, 24 - room 101



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On October 29, GIIM hosted a forum for the first time at the Career Development Center, which was attended by more than 100 students and 9 potential employers from Donetsk region: Czech non-governmental humanitarian international organization "Man in Need", OSCE, Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Kramatorsk, principals of schools ,511,5,24, EnglishTimeSchool, Bakhmut City Employment Center, Free Radio provided information on vacancies for employment, new opportunities for internships, earnings, volunteering, told stories of successful entrepreneurship. This was made possible by the Success Begins Here: Donbass University Career Centers project, implemented by the Czech non-governmental humanitarian organization Man in Need and implemented through the Public Confidence Building Project (UCBI II), funded by the United States Agency for International Development. Development Agency (USAID).

During the discussion, which took place between students and guests, the following issues were discussed:

  1. How can you describe the situation on the labor market today.
  2. What are the difficulties experienced by employers in hiring graduates with higher education.
  1. How to assess the employment opportunities of GIIM graduates.

The result of the event was the establishment of contacts between students and employers: students left their questionnaires and resumes, were interviewed, and employers paid attention to promising graduates of our university.

Career Development Center promotes success!

December 18 at 9.00 in Slavyansk, street Torskaya 67 (TOP Place) held a conference "Success is born here: career centers of universities of Donbass" on the results of the project "Back to learning from PIN (organization" Man in Need "): career development centers of universities of Donbass" within the program "Strengthening public trust" with ChemonicsInternationalInc. with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

This year, the international humanitarian organization "Man in Need" implemented a nine-month project "Success is born here: career centers of universities in Donbass" under the program "Strengthening public confidence", which aimed to expand the capacity of universities to establish and strengthen more active roles in providing employment opportunities for students, as well as establishing links between universities and business. The project involved three internally displaced higher education institutions of Ukraine: Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages (Bakhmut, Donetsk region), Donetsk National Technical University (Pokrovsk, Donetsk region) and Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University (S, , Luhansk region).

The project conducted a study of the economic potential of Donbass universities, the main purpose of which was to analyze, develop recommendations and suggestions for positive solutions: what contribution universities (mainly career development centers) can make to reduce unemployment and labor migration among graduates in Donbass. Such recommendations can be used to identify objectives and plan specific steps for future interventions to develop both higher education in Ukraine and the business environment.

In September and October 2018 at the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages of the State Pedagogical University in Bakhmut with the use of grant support provided under the project "Success is born here: career centers of Donbass universities" with the support of the Czech NGO "Man in Need" »Within the framework of the project“ Strengthening Public Confidence ”(UCBI II), funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), trainings were conducted for students of 4-5 courses with the participation of professional experts - trainers.Zaslavska Kateryna - Director of the Kyiv office of the law firm ILF, is engaged in the development of internal standards and procedures for recruitment, development, evaluation and motivation of the team. Paul Hood - Head of the Department of Recruitment and Student Careers of the Ukrainian Catholic University, LvivBorozentseva Tetyana Valeriyivna - business coach, expert in the field of personnel policy of enterprises, mediator, facilitator of dialogues, practicing psychologist, lecturer at the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy GIIM.

The trainings discussed the professions of the future, made a rapid analysis of the labor market, expectations of modern employers, the pace of change and skills of the XXI century. Worked in groups, where they presented possible areas of work of GIIM graduates. Made a self-analysis of personal qualities that will be useful in building a career. During the training, potential sources of useful information for employment and modern vacancy search technologies were discussed. The issues of volunteering were discussed, where and how students get work experience, what public organizations are and how they can be useful in a student's life, internships in the country and abroad.

Students participating in the workshop "Five steps to a successful career" presented their projects "What does it look like tomorrow?" In general, all the works of students were very interesting, real today, competitive in the labor market.

At the training "Donbass as a great platform for a variety of ideas" students analyzed the situation in the labor market of our region and reviewed trends and prospects for its development. During the discussion, the needs of the market for demand for goods and services in the cities of the region were identified. Participants conducted theoretical studies of possible areas of small business and self-employment in the Donbass. Opportunities to achieve their goal with the help of grants and funds of public associations that exist in Donbass today were discussed. In practical work - marketing analysis ("5P" technology), students worked out ideas for creating their own product, identified their target audience and presented their mini-enterprises, which they would like to do.

Thus, thanks to the trainings held at GIIM, students gained a lot of experience and knowledge that can be applied in their further activities and career growth. This knowledge will help them to be competitive in the labor market, to effectively establish contacts with potential employers who could meet the needs and desires of our graduate students.


November 8, 2018 in Slovyansk the round table of participants of the project "Success arises here: career centers of universities of Donbass" took place. The project is organized by the Czech non-governmental international organization "Man in Need" and is implemented within the project "Strengthening Public Confidence" (UCBIII), funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Teams of the Career Development Centers of the VI Dahl East Ukrainian National University (Severodonetsk), Donetsk National Technical University (Pokrovsk) and specialists of the Career Development Center of the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages (Bakhmut) were invited to the friendly meeting. ): Oksana Kovtun, Yaroslav Moroz and Kyrylo Zagursky, a volunteer of the center.

The round table discussed the preliminary conclusions of the project from the staff of "Man in Need" and representatives of career centers, discussed the achievements and failures of the project, worked out plans for career centers for the future and preparation for the Final Conference of the project.