New arrivals

New arrivals


Books donated by readers and community organizations are of particular importance to the library. Donated literature is available a tangible source of replenishment of the library fund. After all, new books are always a holiday for the general public. GIIM Library is sincerely grateful:

- public organization of the Association "Information-Consortium";

- Charitable organization "Charitable Foundation" Library Country ";

- publishing house "Books and textbooks";

- Folio Publishing House;

- the magazine "Antique";

- teachers of the institute and students.

We invite everyone to visit the library. The action continues!


Yu. Soroka, Hikes of Bohdan Khmelnytsky Kharkiv, Folio, 2015

Yu. Mytsyk, Ivan Vyhovsky Kharkiv, Folio, 2015

S. Lepyavko, Cossack Wars

 K. Kosinsky and S. Nalyvayko Kharkiv, Folio, 2015

D. Zhuravlyov, Ivan Mazepa Kharkiv, Folio, 2015

Yu. Soroka, Battle Under the Steep Kharkiv, Folio, 2015

V. Savchenko, Simon Petliura Kharkiv, Folio, 2015

Yu. Soroka, Dmytro Baida-Vyshnevetsky Kharkiv, Folio, 2015

Living contrary to Kyiv, Vostok, 2018

T. Vodotyka, Space of Opportunities Kyiv, CLIO, 2018

V. Levitsky, Fundamentals of German Studies Vinnytsia, New Book, 2008

Bertolt Brecht, Penny Novel, Mother

Courage and Her Children, Caucasian Cretaceous Circle Kyiv, Dnipro, 1973

Brett Garth, vol. I Moscow, Pravda, 1966

Brett Garth, vol. II Moscow, Pravda, 1966

Arthur Rimbaud, The Drunk Ship Moscow, Exmo-Press, 2000

A. Gromov, Stalin and Beria.

Secret archives of the Kremlin Kharkiv, Family Leisure Club, 2013

S. Ermolaev, Notes of the enemy of the people of Kharkov, Family Leisure Club, 2015

B. Sopelnyak, Secret Archives of the NKVD-KGB Moscow, VECHE, 2014

Charles Dickens, vol. 1 Moscow, Khud.lit, 1957

Charles Dickens, vol. 9 Moscow, Khud.lit, 1958

Charles Dickens, Shop of Antiquities Moscow, Children's Literature, 1979

South of Ukraine: Ethnohistorical, linguistic,

cultural and religious dimensions Odessa, Odessa National Maritime University, 2017

L. Zalizniak, The Ancient Past of Ukraine Kyiv, Naukova Dumka, 1997

M. Semenchenko, Day. Catastrophe and triumph Kyiv, Press group, 2015

V.Torba, Day. I am a witness. Notes from the occupied Luhansk Kyiv, Press Group, 2015

Jan Paul Hinrichs, The Myth of Odessa Kyiv, Spirit and Letter, 2011

R. Koval, Ataman Green Kyiv, Axiom, 2016

Sergey Svitlenko, Dmitry

Yavornytsky: scientist and teacher… Dnipropetrovsk, Lira, 2015

Historical figures of Ukraine Odessa, Lighthouse, 1993

Ukrainian past Kyiv, Lybid, 1993

V. Kovalyov, Labor potential of the Slavyansk region, Printing yard, 2011

Y. Gavrilenko, Donetsk region in legends Donetsk, Gavrilenko, 2010

My city. Textbook on the history of Ivano-Frankivsk Ivano-Frankivsk, Lileya-NV, 2012

B. Sverdlov, Northern outpost of the highway.

 Krasny Liman Donetsk, Donbass Railway, 2006

S. Tatarinov, Essays on the history of self-government

in Bakhmut and the county of 18-20 centuries Artemivsk, Tatarinov, 2008

G. Robbins, Never leave me. Park Avenue, 79 Moscow, press, 1992

E. Jelinek, Behind the Doors of Kyiv, Zhupansky, 2013

O. Sachs, Strimgolov. History of one life Kyiv, Our format, 2016

J. Holmes, Nonsense: to comprehend and win Kyiv, Our format, 2016

J. Howell, Queen of the Kyiv Desert, Our Format, 2017

N. Klymenko, Ukrainian is easy! Kharkiv, Family Leisure Club, 2016

L. Groff, Fates and Furies Kyiv, Our Format, 2016

B. Stevenson, Judging by Conscience.

History of justice and redemption Kyiv, Our format, 2017

A. Kopynets, Ivan Sila nicknamed "Croton" Kyiv, Our format, 2014

P. Til, From zero to one Kyiv, Our format, 2016

N. George, Small Parisian Bookstore Kyiv, Our Format, 2016

M. Yastrun, Mickiewicz. Biographical story Kyiv, Zhuponsky, 2008

V. Andrusiv, Change the future Kyiv, Our format, 2014

V. Tal, Unusual adventures of bursaks Kyiv, Our format, 2015

W. Scott, Quentin Dorward Kyiv, Our Format, 2015

G. J. Wells, The Invisible. Time machine Kyiv, Our format, 2015

T. Martsenyuk, Why you should not be afraid of feminism Kyiv, Komora, 2018

Maidan. (P) evolution of the spirit:

Art-cultural-logical project Kyiv, Our format, 2014

M. Friedman, Capitalism and Freedom Kyiv, Our Format, 2017

K. Scriabin, I, pate and army Kharkiv, Folio, 2015

K. Garuf, Our Souls at Night Kyiv, Kniholav, 2017